Automatic machines

AGIR TECHNOLOGIES manufactures machines certified CE, which allow the restauration of your dies to their original condition

Automatic vertical grinding machine

– Machine designed for the grinding of dies with different diameters without stopping the machine and with no intervention of the operator after the initial programming
– Programme management by computer numerical control
– Automatic feeding of the die at the working station and automatic tightening in a chuck
– Grinding of the cone and cylindrical part without any dismantling, which guarantees a perfect concentricity
– «A minima» wear integrated grinding programme (without reaching the meeting point)
> material saving and therefore longer use and life of the die (optimised life)
– Grinding of dies from 1.5 to 10 mm
– Automatic control of the die diameter
– Remote maintenance

Machining of small diameter dies

– from 0.15 to 1 mm
– Automatic grinding of the pin
– Lapping of the working cone with a steel pin and diamond paste
– Automatic feeding in diamond paste

Cleaning machine

– of the internal profile of drawing dies in tungsten carbide or in diamond from 0.1 mm
– First machine in the world using the principle of high-pressure steam cleaning
– All the operations are managed by the OPLC :

• Automatic positioning
• Cleaning of the bores
• Drying
• Ejection