Special tools for cold extrusion
Dies for tube finishing

Extrusion dies

Special products extruded in AGIR TECHNOLOGIES tools

Die for extrusion of helicodal grooves

Dies and mandrels for tube finishing


RIVOM has been the forerunner of tungsten carbide tools for forming internal or external grooves. From its experience in tube finishing tools, RIVOM has developed tools for extruding on solid parts.


CAD-CAM design of tooling according to the product drawing.


Equipment : CNC machines: turning, milling and erosion machines, jig grinder.

Tools : expertise of machining profile, division, deflection and helix angle / Tolerance: +/-0.005 mm.


Main European car manufacturers :
• Axel neck, gear box shaft, gears, planet gear wheel, other automotive parts…
• Final drive parts, driving coloumn, control arm axles…